API Documentation

Winstreak API

The winstreak leaderboard API is accessed at https://api.neutronicmc.com/v0/l. The following output options are available:

  • Sort By (sortBy): [pr, ws, w, l]
  • Limit (limit): positive integer
Example: https://api.neutronicmc.com/v0/l?sortBy=pr&limit=3
Returns 3 players with highest personal records in JSON format.

The winstreak player API is accessed at https://api.neutronicmc.com/v0/p. The following output options are available:

  • IGN (ign): string

Example: https://api.neutronicmc.com/v0/p?ign=Aericio
Returns Aericio's winstreak stats in JSON format.


You may use any of our APIs as long as you provide a link to our website (https://hive.neutronicmc.com) within your product.