Hive Bedrock Stats Bot

Hive Bedrock Stats is a Discord bot written in JS with the discord.js library to allow for obtaining of stats and other information to be easier.

Invite Bot

Command Description Usage
cache Force cached stats to update -h cache [code]
help Get usable commands -h help
info Get bot information -h info
invite Generate bot invite -h invite
avatars Get images and information on avatars -h avatars [avatar]
cosmetics Get images and information on game cosmetics -h cosmetics <tw|dr|hide|mm|sg>
costumes Get images and information on costumes -h costumes [costume]
graph Generate visual representation of stats -h graph <tw|dr|mm> [graph|bargraph|pie] [statistic] [list,of,players]
lb Get leaderboards of specified game -h lb <tw|dr|mm>
lock Prevent bot from being used in channel -h lock
prefix Set bot prefix in server -h prefix <prefix>
progress Get information on level up progress -h progress <tw|dr|hide|mm|sg> <xp>
stats Get player statistics -h stats <player>
titles Get images and information on hub titles -h titles [title]
unlock Allow bot to be used in channel -h unlock